Education and Creativity

Simon Foxell and William Mitchell

Education and Creativity, by Simon Foxell and William J Mitchell, addresses the role of education in a fast-changing social and economic environment. Can an investment in personalization deliver a more resilient system and is widespread training in creativity a possible option for a better world?

Living and Community

Geoff Mulgan

Living and Community, by Geoff Mulgan, investigates new models of establishing and developing identity and ownership in new and more transient communities.

Work and The City

Frank Duffy

Work and The City, by Frank Duffy, explores the classic paradigms of office development and proposes ways to deliver working environments suitable for a more diverse and demanding world.

Transport and Neighbourhoods

Hank Dittmar

Transport and Neighbourhoods, by Hank Dittmar, examines the accessible and sustainable city and faces up to the potential policy logjam that needs to be unpicked to deliver it.

Globalism and Regionalism

Jonathon Porritt

Globalism and Regionalism, by Jonathon Porritt, considers the impact that dwindling resources and restricted travel will have on global competitiveness and regional identity.


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