The Edge is a campaigning built-environment think tank and is multi-disciplinary in a landscape that is remarkable for the high number of single-discipline institutions it contains.

The built environment is a significant contributor to carbon emissions both in construction and use. It is imperative that these emissions are minimised. It is incumbent upon the professional institutions to take a lead here and particularly to work ever closer together towards this end. The Edge has made a great start in this.

Who we are
We have been described as a virtual institution. Started as a means of creating a shared space between the architectural and engineering institutions, the Edge was never going to fulfil this mission if it turned itself into yet another institution and squeezed into any space that is left. Instead we have existed as a voluntary group in temporary space with no staff and lots of stakeholders.

What we’re about
The Edge Debate is a process of thinking about how the built environment could be better. It involves the ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘where’ questions.

WHERE are we headed as an economy, as a society and as a polity and does our built environment help us or hinder us?

WHAT can we afford to build with the ever-diminishing amounts of carbon to which we are entitled?

WHY haven’t we been able to improve the built environment in the ways we know we should have: such as energy performance, simplified building and planning regulations, inter-institutional working, appropriate R&D investment and dealing with waste?

Latest - Edge Report 2013 (pdf)

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