Debate 63: Edge Commission of Inquiry on Future Professionalism Session 4: Future Value

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 | Debates

The fourth session in the Inquiry was on the subject of the future value of built environment professionals.

The Inquiry is examining the way forward for the professional organisations in the construction industry, taking evidence from a range of bodies and individuals. Evidence gathering sessions will be held in public as a series of Edge Debates in the early part of 2014 each looking at a separate theme and with input and evidence from appropriate professional bodies and other witnesses. Written submissions to the commission will also be welcomed.

The fourth debate addressed Future value: and “How can institutes share and co-operate to improve the quality, standing and value of professionals? “

Chair: Paul Morrell
Speakers include:
Graham Watts, Chief Executive CIC
Bill Bordass, Usable Buildings Trust
Daisy Froud, AOC
Sunand Prasad, Penoyre + Prasad
Lee Franck, Arup
Ciaran Malik, Ramboll UK







Venue: The Building Centre, 26 Store St, London WC1E 7BT

Debate sponsored by Rehau

Commission sponsored by The Ove Arup Foundation

Commission support by the SocEnv


- Session 4 Report (Edge Debate 63) Future professionalism: Future value
- Edge Commission - Session 4: Speakers’ notes
- Commission Summary (Note no. 7)
- Edge CoI on Future Professionalism - timetable (Note no.8)
- The Commission - Objective & remit (Note no. 9)
- Further reading

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