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The Edge is a campaigning built-environment think tank and is multi-disciplinary in a landscape that is remarkable for the high number of single-discipline institutions it contains. › Continue reading
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On 18th May 2015 the Edge published the report Collaboration for Change, resulting from its year long Commission of Inquiry on the Future of Professionalism in the UK's design and construction industries. For more details see here

Edge Annual Report 2016 (pdf)

Upcoming & Recent Debates/Events

Debate 75: ‘Generalist’ versus ‘Specialist’ - Learning for a Sustainable Built Environment, LSBU

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

libraryWhat sort of education can best tackle the challenges of sustainability in the built environment?

Learning in all forms, from the education of students to the continuing development of professionals, is key to a sustainable built environment. The issues explored in this debate were around general cross-disciplinary learning versus focusing on the specialisation of disciplines. › Continue reading

Edge Debate 77: Not invented here! R&D in Construction, Kings Cross

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

ste-heroWhat is the future of R&D in Construction?

Can we even define what it is and where it is happening? Major issues around economic performance and productivity, housing, climate change, population growth and scarcity of resources are throwing up challenges and opportunities both at home and abroad. › Continue reading

Collaboration for Change: Manchester

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

ce-manchester-logoCollaboration for Change – rising to the challenge

“In May 2015 the multi-disciplinary Edge ginger group launched ‘Collaboration for Change’, the report from the Edge Commission on the Future of Professionalism, chaired by Paul Morrell, the first Chief Construction Adviser to Government. › Continue reading

Collaboration for Change - Reading

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

berkshire-club-logoClosing the Performance Gap

On 28.04.16 Paul Morrell made a presentation to Constructing Excellence Oxford, concerning the Inquiry into the future of professionalism in the built environment/construction industry. › Continue reading

Debate 74: Building better places – who cares?, House of Lords

Monday, July 11th, 2016

building-better-places-2016-cover1Would new national policies for the built environment work? Could a Chief Government Adviser deliver them?

In February 2016 the House of Lords published Building better places, the Report on the findings of the Select Committe on National Policy for the Built Environment to which the Edge gave evidence . › Continue reading

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