Debate 11 - Paper 1

Right First Time?

David M Adamson, Director of Estates, University of Cambridge
  • There is much information on defects but lack of comprehensive analysis disseminated throughout the industry. (This touches on the general need for greater co-ordination of initiatives in the industry)
  • We need to start from assumption that in any industry there will be faults, especially in ours given proto-typical nature of the great majority of buildings: repeat works and civil engineering work are less proto-typical and that simplifies fault-management.
  • “Getting it right” during the job:-
    • List of problems well documented: post-Latham industry concentrating more on solutions than problems, but need more positive thought on central aspects, e.g. profitability related issues, and in particular the supply of staff to the industry and the subsequent training. Clients wanting more homogeneous and more widely “encouraged” training standards.
  • “Getting it right” by and after the end of the job:-
    • the effects of PFI thinking
    • Continuance of designers and contractors 1 - 3 years after post completion - Mark Way (Managing Partner RMJM) to speak for 2 minutes
    • Contracts for full FM including utilities for 2 - 5 years after post completion with designers and constructors.

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