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The Edge has developed a simple to use family and personal carbon dioxide emissions spread-sheet known as ‘The Edge Pledge’. The Pledge gives single or multi-users a rapid indication of the scale of their current personal ‘primary’ carbon (strictly CO2) footprint — arising from home energy use and travel (excluding business and secondary carbon).

Several Edge members have used this in their workplace, work group, institutions or with groups of friends. Everyone gets to see where they currently ’spend’ it — in comparison with friends and colleagues! It makes the carbon big-picture visible.

(’It’ being carbon — the currency of the 21st century!)

Although many people now know what a carbon footprint is, a surprising number have yet to look at their own feet. Commonly, the primary footprint per adult can be 5, 10, 20 tonnes. The scale of our personal (invisible) contribution to the global ‘air-fill’ dump can be an eye-opener. In contrast the average land-fill per UK household is 1 tonne.

Download the Edge Pledge Spreadsheet (Excel)
Download some additional instructions (Word)

For further help contact the Carbon Coach, Edge member Dave Hampton at dave@carboncoach.com

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