Edge Professional Compact

The Edge is proposing a text that outlines the relationship between professionals in the Construction industry and those who are commissioning their services

It should be read in conjunction with the Edge Draft Model Code of Conduct

Comments are welcome and should be sent to contact @edgedebate.com


Professionals in the construction and property sectors will deploy:

• expertise, skill, knowledge and experience to deliver agreed services in good faith
• competence, diligence, honesty, integrity and care;
• evidence-based judgement to achieve high standards of work and conduct,

Subject to the obligation to:

• put the interests of the wider world and society first and to take protective action when necessary, but otherwise to put clients’ interests before their own;
• take personal and corporate responsibility for the outcomes of their work;
• show proper care, consideration and fairness towards others, especially those involved in realising projects and those who will live with the outcome;
• keep their own knowledge relevant and up to date;
• train and help develop the abilities of other members of both their profession and society;
• measure, feed back and share relevant information and insights gained from their work in order to develop and improve knowledge and skill across the disciplines.

In exchange for:

• the trust of those commissioning services;
• recognition of their independence and right to self-direction;
• the grant of respect and status;
• a degree of exclusivity over the provision of socially important services;
• fair payment for their wor


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