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Several members of the Edge post regular blogs written for the Edge, Building magazine and other sites.

These are collected here:

Lynne Sullivan

Lynne Sullivan OBE, SustainableBYDesign

4th March 2014 - We need to safeguard air quality in our homes

17 January 2014 - Why cutting operational carbon is the priority

24 December 2013 - The social value of good building

29 November 2013 - The challenge of providing public open space

31st October 2013 - Architectural education ignores the challenge of our time

30th September 2013 - Changing our culture for ‘deep’ retrofit

Robin Nicholson

Robin Nicholson

Robin Nicholson CBE, Cullinan Studio

25th November 2015 - Collaboration for Change: What progress with the Edge Commission Report?

20th February 2015 - Embodied Carbon: Allowable Solutions

8th May 2014 - Edge Commission begins to get some definition

10th March 2014 - Building a resilient future

3rd February 2014 - How can we decide where to invest?

13 December 2013 - Who has a sustainable vision in this government?

19th November 2013 - Have we wasted the latest good crisis?

14th October 2013 - Getting it right in Brazil

17 September 2013 - The power’s in the community

6 September 2013 - Are international sporting events unsustainable?

Bill Bordass

Bill Bordass

Bill Bordass OBE, William Bordass Associates

9 January 2014 - Can our politicians set a carbon saving example to the world?

27 November 2013 - Making up energy policy as we go along

23 October 2013 - Time for joined up thinking

18 September 2013 - Does anyone understand the performance gap?



Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill, C2O futureplanners

28 June 2013 - The Spirit of ’74: Disruptive Citizens…Your Country Needs YOU?

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