Edge Tenets

In an attempt to agree what the Edge stood for it has developed a set of Tenets that reflect the group’s general position. These are not fixed and are always open to debate and change. Comments on the tenets are welcome.

1. Interdisciplinary: bringing built environment professionals together, along with others who share their concerns.
2. Open and creative: working across all disciplines and with competitors and collaborators alike.
3. Strategic in approach: encouraging accessible and shared knowledge and seeking to connect place, practice, policy and research.
4. Visionary: in identifying the issues and in promoting effective and urgent responses to both local and global challenges.
5. Professional: developing a broad-based ethic of responsibility to social and environmental demands based on an equitable global framework.
6. Business-like: furthering the skills and capacity of the UK construction industry to promote prosperity and deliver a better built environment.

Edge member Blogs

Blogs from the Edge
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Books - Edge Futures

Edge has published a collection of short books, entitled Edge Futures.
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