Edge Cities Conference - How Scary is Smart - Reading ideas

As the 2013 Edge Cities Conference approaches organisers, speakers and attendees have started to suggest a variety of publications for reading, either before or after the event.

Please make your own suggestions, below, to add to this list:

- Smart Cities of the Future - M.Batty et al., 2012

- London in Motion

- Smart Citizens in the Data Metropolis - Mara Balestrini, 20.11.12

- Put the citizens in the center of the board (To solve the smart city puzzle) - Mara Balestrini, 28.01.13

- CrowdMemo> Physical spaces augmented through crowdsourced community memories

- BBC News - How will our future cities look?

- UCL Energy seminar: THE CHALLENGE OF FUTURE CITIES - Dr Richard Miller, Head of Sustainability, Technology Strategy Board 12.2.13

- John Worthington EPSRC Position Paper: Retrofit 2050, RE-Engineering the City 2020-2050, 2013

- Nicola Villa & Shane Mitchell, Connecting Cities Achieving Sustainability Through Innovation, Cisco, October 2010

- Sustainia Sector Guide - Buildings, Mondaymorning

- Can Cities save us? Interview with Dr Benjamin Barber

- Glasgow wins ’smart city’ government cash

& from the Guardian:
- Brave New World - Council leaders in Stockholm, Cardiff, Birmingham, Peterborough, Bath & North-East Somerset, Edinburgh & Southampton talk about what they are doing to create Smarter Cities

- City Design: Transforming Tomorrow – Looking at how new technologies will revolutionise the way we live our lives

- Getting Smart Cities Connected - Imaginative partnerships between the public and private sectors, led by local authorities, are essential to the delivery of innovative ’smart cities’ of the future

- City Design: What Would Make Your City Smarter? Members of the public give their views on what needs to change.

- Really Getting Somewhere – How the way we travel is being transformed by technology

- Carbon reduction schemes for sustainable cities - How Smart technology is reducing energy use on a typical UK housing estate

- Using Technology To Improve Society – A selection of projects that use new technology to improve health & education services

- City design: A digital revolution – How Seoul has developed into one of the world’s Smartest cities

- Different initiatives – from cable cars to smart phone technology – being taken by five urban centres to build or transform their infrastructures

- Community is king, so build up your social capital and get connected – How cities can move from top-down to bottom-up governance

- Designs for Life – How local authorities can create smarter urban environments by adopting a more joined-up approach

- City Design Innovation – Turning ideas into reality

& from The Economist:
- Living in a see-through world – How safe is our data in a Smart new world?

It’s a smart world – Smartphones are speeding up the convergence of real and virtual worlds. Bright new hope or cause for concern?

- A sea of sensors – How the development of sensors will revolutionise the way we live our lives

- Making every drop count – How our utilities and infrastructure are being improved with Smart technology

- Living on a platform - For cities to become truly smart, everything must be connected

- Augmented business - Smart systems will disrupt lots of industries, and perhaps the entire economy

- The IT paydirt - Who will clean up?

Group Think - The brainstorming myth, Jonah Lehrer, The New Yorker, 30.1.12

Streets Ahead: what makes a city innovative?, The Work Foundation, Nov 2011

- www.spatialcomplexity.info
- connected-cities.org
- marabales.com
- transmedial.wordpress.com
- ideasforchange.com

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