Shared Professional Code

Thought 12

January 2013

In conjunction with the New Professionalism Debate on the 20th February and the January 2013 Special Issue of Building Research & Information a draft code of 10 points has been developed for the Edge. These are intended to be for eventual adoption by individual construction industry professionals and to help professional institutes to develop a common code.

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1. Be a steward of the community, its resources, and the planet. Take a broad view.
2. Do the right thing, beyond your obligation to whoever pays your fee.
3. Develop trusting relationships, with open and honest collaboration.
4. Bridge between design, project implementation, and use. Concentrate on the outcomes.
5. Don’t walk away. Provide follow-through and aftercare.
6. Evaluate and reflect upon the performance in use of your work. Feed back the findings.
7. Learn from your actions and admit your mistakes. Share your understanding openly.
8. Bring together practice, industry, education, research and policymaking.
9. Challenge assumptions and standards. Be honest about what you don’t know.
10. Understand contexts and constraints. Create lasting value. Keep options open for the future.

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