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February 2013
published in The Independent , 12th February 2013.
Letter to the Editor : Our red tape
“This was based on my gruesome experience with Display Energy Certificates, including the latest setback where the modifications made by DCLG in January (with no consultation, apart from the accreditation agencies which of course have an interest in promoting inane box-ticking procedures) increase the bureaucracy whilst subtracting value and creating confusion by meeting the letter of the recast Directive whilst totally ignoring the spirit.”

With luck it will stimulate more correspondence, but since it was at the bottom right hand corner of the page, I imagine the Editor is more likely to have regarded it as the closing letter on that particular topic.” - Bill Bordass

January 2012
published in TES magazine, 10 February 2012 … see www.tes.co.uk
Letter to the Editor : BREEAM
pdf download, see also the letter below

January 2012
Letter to the Sec. of State, Dept. of Education : BREEAM
in support of a letter from the UK Green Building Council and the Aldersgate Group
pdf downloads
REPLY : 14.02.12
pdf download

December 2011
published in The Telegraph, 15 December 2011
Letter to the Editor : Low-carbon buildings

December 2011
Letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer : Environmental regulation
pdf download


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