City Workshops

City Performance Workshop

6th-7th October 2011, London

The Edge facilitated and participated in the City Performance Workshop conference organised by the Netherlands, Italian and Danish Embassies in London. The focus was on examining a shared city experience, looking at how our cities perform and how we need them to perform. The workshops brought together four distinct national experiences, mixing professionals from different countries and disciplines in a series of groups in order to develop group thinking in response to a series of short presentations.

City Performance Workshop 2011 - Report (pdf)
Download speaker profiles (pdf)
Download attendance list (pdf)


Markus Appenzeller, Architect and Urban Planner
Professor Alessandro Balducci, Urban Planner
Professor Edoardo Croci, Economist
Anders Hasselager, Senior Policy Advisor , Danish Energy Authority
David Hirsch, Architect
Indy Johar, Architect and Policy Researcher
Richard McCarthy CBE, Senior Civil Servant
Dr Evert Meijers, Researcher
Dr Richard Simmons, Urban Designer / Economist
Helle Søholt, Architect
Marilyn Taylor, Consultant
Professor Riki Therivel, Sustainability Consultant
Dr Ben Wheeler, Research Fellow

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