Debate 22 - Is the Stick a big enough Carrot?

Monday, September 13th, 2004 | Debates

Energy certification of non-domestic buildings - will proposed changes to the building regulations do the trick?

Stick and carrot

Stick and carrot

The debate was chaired by Ian Coull, Chief Executive, Slough Estates and Chair of the Sustainability Forum.

Paper 1: Building energy certification and the EU Directive - an introduction (pdf)

Bill Bordass, William Bordass Associates and the Usable Building Trust

Paper 2: Building energy certification - the property market’s perspective (PowerPoint)

Paul McNamara, Research Director, Prudential Investment Managers Ltd, and Honorary President of the Society of Property Researchers, and Vice-chair of the Investment Property Forum

Paper 3: Sticks and carrots are for donkeys- engage people and raise aspirations

Peter Martin , CarbonSense

Notes from the debate

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