Debate 15 - Rethinking Urban Design Conference

Friday, May 10th, 2002 | Debates

Urban space is a critical realm for national productivity. It is where 89% of us work, where 90% of us live and where 91% of national output is generated and yet — according to one survey — where only 20% of us are content with our lot.

Rethinking urban design

Rethinking urban design

We need to be able to make urban space work, to accommodate us and help us lead comfortable, convenient and productive lives.

Cities offer all sorts of sustainability economies of scale but this will only begin to pay dividends when the congestion issues can be addressed. And relieving congestion is largely a matter of urban design and behaviour.

Couple these issues with the problems of mounting levels domestic and construction waste, the logistics of goods and people and the role of the planning process itself, and it’s easy to see why it’s time to Rethink Urban Design.

A One Day Conference hosted by SISTech and Edge Debate and supported by the ICE, RIBA, CIBSE, RIAS, IStructE and UDAL.

Programme of speakers:

  1. Paul Jowitt - Rethinking Urban Design: Introduction
  2. Mark Whitby - The Case for Urban Design
  3. Sarah Boyack - Interfaces between political decision making, professionals and people
  4. Hildebrand Frey - The Meta City
  5. Mike Galloway - What we have to do differently
  6. George Paschke - Sustainable Construction
  7. Murray Woodburn - What’s Planning got to do with it?
  8. Herbert Girardet - The Metabolism of Sustainable Cities
  9. Howard Liddell - Forward to the Past
  10. Brian Edwards - Global responsibilities and urban design
  11. Robin Nicholson - What’s going on?

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