Debate 14 - The UK’s (Scotland’s?) Energy Policy

Thursday, May 9th, 2002 | Debates

Making waves, blowing in the wind or just going up in smoke?

The Government’s Policy & Innovation Unit’s review of UK energy policy is the hot topic of the moment. It offers a vision of the energy needs of the future, in terms of technologies, efficiency gains, and economic frameworks.

Scotland's energy

Scotland's energy

There will be a commercially strong and emerging role for renewables, where many see Scotland as having a major role to play. Yet the PIU review keeps options open on coal and nuclear power — a UK Government reserved matter — as part of its view of the low carbon future.

Does this amount to a secure and sustainable energy policy? Are there things the energy industry and other key industrial sectors could be doing to make it more secure and sustainable? A White Paper is promised in the autumn: the Edge Debate was an opportunity to rehearse our responses.

Louise Batchelor of the BBC chaired the Debate.

Paper 1: Energy Issues for Scotland

Rhona Brankin, MSP and Member of the Enterprise & Lifelong Learning Committee

Paper 2: Energy Policy - Some Thoughts

Fred Dinning, Environment Director, Scottish Power

Paper 3: The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Professor Brian Smart, Heriot Watt Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Edinburgh

SISTech was also responsible for chairing the seminar “Rethinking Urban Design“.

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