Edge Expert briefing seminar: Net Zero Carbon Built Environment

Thursday, September 19th, 2019 | Debates

net-zero-cover-adviceFollowing the Edge Climate Action Round Table and agreement in June 2019 the role of leadership in meeting the challenge of the 2050 Net Zero carbon obligation has become a critical issue.
The Edge has arranged for a number of climate and energy experts at UCL who contributed to the work of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) on net zero to lead an expert seminar examining the contribution of the built environment to the UK’s carbon emissions, the expectations of the CCC for their staged reduction and actions that the leaders of the industry might be able to take.

The seminar will address issues including the following:
• The size and character of the built environment’s carbon emissions
• The CCC’s programme for carbon emissions reduction
• Historical successes and failures in reducing building energy use
• The complementary role of demand reduction and decarbonisation of supply
• The key barriers that need to be overcome

- Tadj Oreszczyn, Professor of Energy and Environment, UCL
- Professor Robert Lowe, Professor & Director UCL Energy Instute
- Rokia Raslan, Bartlett School of the Environment
- Foaad Tahir, Element Energy

The seminar will be drawn from signatory organisations to the Round Table Climate Action agreement up to a maximum of 40 attendees

Venue: UCL, Institute of Education


  • T. Oreszczyn NZ Presentation 190919
  • R. Lowe NZ Presentation 190919
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