Debate 6 - The Good Institution(s)

Wednesday, October 28th, 1998 | Debates

Perceptions vary as to the purpose of the construction institutions. The sixth Edge debate explored the institutions’ roles and focus on how they can best adapt to serve their members and the public in the future.

As before, the discussion took form of invited speakers each presenting short summaries of papers that were circulated. The discussion was chaired by Ricky Burdett, Director, City Policy, Architecture & Engineering at the London School of Economics.

The debate involved a small invited audience of 50 clients, architects, engineers, researchers, activists, civil servants, European commercial attachés, politicians and specialist journalists. The following points were made in the debate.

Paper 1:

John Hobson, Director, Construction Directorate, DETR

Paper 2: Reflections on the Future of Institutions

Alexander Reid, Director General, RIBA

Paper 3: Passing Knowledge Across Barriers… The Passing Knowledge Across Barriers… The Good Institution(s)

Peter Rogers MICE, Director Stanhope Properties

Action points arising from the debate.

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