Futurebuild 2019 - March 5-7

Friday, March 1st, 2019 | Debates

The Edge has a longstanding relationship with Futurebuild (previously Ecobuild). This event has always brought together professionals across the built environment to debate, discuss, and most importantly share knowledge and insights into new developments within the construction industry. Continuing from last year, this year’s conference will center around the Sustainability Development Goals, and what the construction industry must do to overcome fundamental issues surrounding sustainable urban development, construction methods, and the processes that govern professional practice.

The Edge is proud to be one of the key sponsors and partners of the event, with a few of our members in the steering group, and will be supporting 5 conference sessions across the three days, as well as a session at the knowledge forum.

March 5th (Tues)

Lynne Sullivan - The Construction Leadership Challenge: Delivering on the Ambitions of the £420M Sector Deal

Chris Jofeh (chair) - The Retrofit Challenge for Housing - What is the Plan?

March 6th (Weds)

Sunand Prasad (chair), Simon Foxell - The Future Practice Challenge - Connecting Education, Research, Practice and Professionalism

Jane Briginshaw (chair) - The Housing Challenge - More Than Houses

Tim Forman (presenter) - Existing Buildings, Future Priorities (Knowledge Forum)

March 7th (Thurs)

Robin Nicholson (chair), Lynne Ceaney - The Quality Challenge - Why can’t we build better buildings?

Over the next few days we will be giving you a taste of what these sessions will cover on our Twitter (@EdgeDebate), so make sure you follow us for more!

We hope to see you there at the Futurebuild Conference!


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