Edge at Futurebuild #5 - Rebel Leadership - The challenge to achieve real change - 13.30, 7th March 2019

Thursday, February 21st, 2019 | Debates

futurebuild_logoAre you ready for a paradigm shift to achieve and future and live in a world we want to live in?

As Kirsten Henson, sustainability consultant and speaker in this session, has written: “We are running out of time in our fight against planetary destruction…add to this the increasing frustration against the lack of opportunity for social mobility, unequal access to education and healthcare and it is not surprising that people are starting to call for a different type of leadership - new disruptive business and economic models are required to create a paradigm shift.”

A paradigm shift is certainly needed if we are to achieve a future and live in a world that we would want to live in.

We will invite the audience to contribute their own suggestions and by the session end we will identify three key recommendations as the most universally applicable.

This session was developed by the Ecobuild Conference at Futurebuild together with Louise Clarke of Berkeley Homes and Julie Godefroy of Julie Godefroy Sustainability and the Edge

Professor Peter Guthrie - University of Cambridge

Lowri Bond - Igloo Regeneration
Kirsten Henson - KLH Sustainability
Ben Smith - ARUP & National Park City
Omer Kutluoglu - Yes Recycling

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