Debate 5 - Sustainability: the Carrot or the Stick

Wednesday, April 22nd, 1998 | Debates

This is the point when we re-invented our formula and went for shorter presentations, longer discussion and drastically tighter lead times. We also tried to capture the essence of the comments from the audience. The debate was a key one — change involves compulsion and reward and we have been living with it, in one form or another, ever since.

The discussion was chaired by Andy Parker, Head of Mechanical Services, Amec Design.

The debate involved a small invited audience of 50 clients, architects, engineers, researchers, activists, civil servants, European commercial attachés, politicians and specialist journalists. The following points were rasied at the debate.

Paper 1: Carrot or the Stick

Lord Ezra - Chairman, Energy and Technical Services

Paper 2: Building Services in the Greenhouse spotlight

Dr David Fisk, Chief Scientist, DETR

Paper 3: Solar PV and the Built Environment: Environmental expediency, UK competitiveness and the problems/opportunities of the deregulated market

Dr Jeremy Leggett, Chief Executive, The SolarCentury

Action points arising.

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