Edge Ecobuild Debate - Construction quality in a post-Grenfell world

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 | Debates

ecobuild-logo-2018Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower various investigative processes were set up and are still to report Without pre-empting the outcomes it would be fair to say that there appear to be some systemic problems in the construction industry and that it is vital that the industry responds with a serious look at how it can improve standards and quality of design, delivery, compliance and enforcement, accountability while overcoming the performance gap in use. This is not only as a collective professional duty, but also necessary to instil confidence in the building users. Quality in construction and the built environment has an impact across a broad spectrum from environmental performance and resource stewardship to human health and well-being. Have we abandoned too much red tape’? Do quality and regulations actually reinforce each other? How do we ensure that fit for purpose specifications agreed by the design team are delivered on site? How do we manage value engineering’? Are present procurement methods and costs a barrier to getting things right? Is it time for a quality campaign to bring back confidence in the industry? This session will explore the issues with a focus on housing, both new build and retrofit, for which the construction industry is now very challenged to deliver with long term quality and value. We will invite the audience to contribute their own suggestions and by the session end we will identify three key recommendations as the most universally applicable.

- See Peter Caplehorn discuss the debate here

In collaboration with the Good Homes Alliance

Jane Duncan

Lynne Sullivan - LSA Studio, Chair Good Homes Alliance & the Edge
Richard Cook - Head of Residential Lendlease
Paula Higgins - Founder and CEO, Home Owners Alliance
Peter Caplehorn - Deputy Chief Executive and Policy Director Construction Products Association
Robin Nicholson - Senior Partner Cullinan Studio & the Edge

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