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Thursday, December 31st, 2015 | Debates

cfc_logoIn the months following the launch of The Edge Commission Report on the Future of professionalism, Collaboration for Change, the Edge has been following up with a series of meeting with individual Institutions and with a growing series of debates and meetings in core cities across the UK.

15 Mar – CIC Council
13 May – CIBSE Board away‐day
18 May – Launch of Report at Arup, London
28 May – CIC Annual Conference
7 August – Heriot‐Watt seminar to feed into CHOBE conference in Bath 3‐4 September
9 October – Urban Design Group Conference
26 October – Cambridge Forum for Construction Industry at Clare College
6 November – Standing Conf. of Heads of Schools of Architecture (SCHOSA) Conference in Cardiff
24 November – Welsh School of Architecture seminar, Cardiff
24 November – Arup, Cardiff
7 December – IDBE (Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment course) workshop, Cambridge
10 December – Rumford Club Debate, London
26 January – University of West of England at Arup Bristol
4 February - Paul Morrell delivers the annual RSA Bossom Lecture, London
17 February – Heriot‐Watt and University of Edinburgh
22 February – CIC North East with 2 Universities in Newcastle
24 February – Reading University
25 February – Regeneration Skills Collective Wales (RSAW, ICE, RICS, RTPI Cymru, LI Wales, CIOH Cymru) at Arup, Cardiff
9 March – Ecobuild –‘Closing the performance gap – a plan for action’, London
28 April - Constructing Excellence Oxford, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

18 May – ‘C4C: one year on’ at the Building Centre, London

Other events are being planned in Bath, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Chelmsford (Anglia Ruskin University), Manchester,Nottingham, Sheffield and elsewhere.
If you would like to attend any of these events or are interested in hosting an event to discusss Collaboration for Change, please contact the Edge at

ovearup-logo_blue_greybg1The Edge is very grateful to The Ove Arup Foundation who have generously sponsored the work of the Edge Commission.

  • Debate 60: Edge Commission of Inquiry on Future Professionalism Session 1: The Environment
  • Debate 61: Edge Commission of Inquiry on Future Professionalism Session 2: The Economy.
  • Debate 62: Edge Commission of Inquiry on Future Professionalism Session 3: Society
  • Debate 63: Edge Commission of Inquiry on Future Professionalism Session 4: Future Value
  • Launch of Collaboration for Change: The Edge Commission Report on the Future of Professionalism
  • Collaboration for Change: Oxford
  • Collaboration for Change - Reading
  • Collaboration for Change: Manchester
    • Downloads:

    Collaboration for Change, Progress Report 18.12.15

      Industry Responses to Collaboration for Change:

    CIOB: Report on Understanding the Value of Professionals and professional Bodies, 2015
    RIBA: Jane Duncan, RIBA President on Doing the Right Thing
    RICS: - Address by John Ashton at the Inauguration of Martin Brühl as RICS President, June 2015
    BIM 2050 Group - sets out “call to arms” for young professionals to change industry, July 2015
    the Edge: Robin Nicholson on progress on disseminating the message of Collaboration for Change, December 2015

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