Debate 2 - City, Suburb, or Country? Who cares!

Wednesday, February 12th, 1997 | Debates

City, suburb or country?

City, suburb or country?

The figure of four million new homes is, or at least before the credit crunch, bandied about so frequently that we have almost ceased to notice that it is a big number. Back in 1997, it seemed a very big number and we wondered where they would all go. This debate, as well as asking a number of penetrating questions, captured some of anxiety of that time.



Paper 1: An Architect’s View

Edward Cullinan CBE RA RIBA HonFRIAS, Edward Cullinan Architects

Paper 2: An Engineer’s View

Sir Jack Zunz FEng FICE, former Chairman, Ove Arup Partnership

Paper 3: A Planner’s View

Professor Peter Hall, University College London

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