Workshop 48 - Fixing procurement

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 | Debates

At a time when there are calls for radical changes in construction procurement, there is also a need to reassess the way in which designers of all kinds are chosen, particularly those involved in the built environment.
Design Council Cabe submission to the All Party Group for Excellence in the Built Environment Commission of Inquiry into achieving best value in the procurement of construction work, 23rd Jan 2012

A joint Edge/Design Council Cabe workshop held to discuss improving procurement practice and draft proposals for a code of procurement practice.


The discussion addressed whether:
— a code of practice was the right approach to reforming the procurement of design in the built environment?

— the points proposed in the draft code were the right ones?

— a code of practice should be mandatory in the public sector?

— such a code could be extended to the private sector?

Robin Nicholson – Edward Cullinan Architects & Convenor of the Edge

Rab Bennetts - Bennetts Associates

Debate held: 13th March 2012
Design Council, London


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