Debate 49 - Shale gas: a game changer?

Monday, April 23rd, 2012 | Debates

The 49th Edge Debate picked up from where previous examinations at the potential environmental damage from shale gas left off and asked … If shale gas is going to be a major source of energy, both globally and in the UK, what are the implications?

Shale gas

Global shale gas basins

— Will a new source of abundant cheap energy bring with it easy economic growth?

— Will shale gas knock out the nuclear industry?

— Does shale gas improve the fortunes for renewable generation?

— Is there a renewable energy endgame to be played for?

— Does the need for CCS become compelling?

— Are we about to see falling energy prices and, if so, what might this mean?

— And, most importantly for our sector, what does this mean for how we plan cities, design buildings and build and operate them?

These are urgent questions that we can’t afford to answer wrongly.
What should our sector recommend?

Debate held: 23 April 2012
Institution of Civil Engineers, London

Chris Huhne MP

Bill Bordass – Usable Buildings Trust
Mark Whitby – Davies Maguire + Whitby and EvoEnergy
John Miles - Professor of Transitional Energy and Arup Group Board Director


Notes of the debate (pdf)
Speaker presentation - Bill Bordass (pdf)
Speaker presentation - Mark Whitby (pdf)
Speaker presentation - John Miles (pdf)

Speaker biographies (pdf)

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