Debate 41 - For and against combined heat & power and community heating

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 | Debates

Debate 41 saw Edge break from its cross-discipline roots to chair a technical debate on combined heat & power (CHP) and community heating. CIBSE co-hosted.

CHP, after many years, is still contested in the UK as a long term low carbon solution. Part of this discussion is about misapplication. Classed as an LZC solution, CHP is often pressed on projects by agencies unaware of the criteria that govern economic low carbon outcomes.

The other part of the discussion relates to energy futures: whether a reliable fuel grid or substitute heat sources, on which CHP depends, will endure; or whether the UK should concentrate on decarbonising an ‘all-electric’ grid with the resilience promised by its mix of prime energy sources.

As the UK’s Departments of State have yet to agree scenarios, CHP remains a subject for discussion. This debate, between notable opponents, airs these and related issues. It was held on 22nd September 2010 at the University of Southampton.

Presentation summaries (Word)

Councillor Matthew Dean, Southampton City Council
Mike Murray, i-to-i Solutions & Conference Chair
Bill Watts, Max Fordham & Partners
Phil Jones, Chair CIBSE CHP Group, Visiting Research Fellow London Southbank University

The visuals for: A case against combined heat and power with district heating (pdf)

Bill Watts, Max Fordham & Partners

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