Debate 76: Co-producing Neighbourhood Resilience, Sheffield

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bri-neighbourhood-resilienceHow can cities become more resilient?

A key challenge is creating resilience at the neighbourhood level - an often overlooked scale. Resilience strategies can enable local communities to thrive in response to rapid climate change and deal with uncertainty and disruption. However, the current emphasis of resilience planning remains relatively top down, with local authorities still producing strategies for local neighbourhoods rather than with them. › Continue reading

Collaboration for Change: Manchester

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ce-manchester-logoCollaboration for Change – rising to the challenge

“In May 2015 the multi-disciplinary Edge ginger group launched ‘Collaboration for Change’, the report from the Edge Commission on the Future of Professionalism, chaired by Paul Morrell, the first Chief Construction Adviser to Government. › Continue reading

Collaboration for Change - Reading

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berkshire-club-logoClosing the Performance Gap

On 28.04.16 Paul Morrell made a presentation to Constructing Excellence Oxford, concerning the Inquiry into the future of professionalism in the built environment/construction industry. › Continue reading

A National Plan? - An ongoing Edge project: 2013-14

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We are facing a triple crunch – energy, climate and capital and many more knock on problems. Our planning horizon is too modest and does not appear to be as joined up as it could be. The Edge is proposing a National Plan, something which might once have been called a 10-year plan with a forward proposition as to what the next stages might be. › Continue reading

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